Ceramic Implants For Teeth

by | Oct 17, 2012


In the world of medicine, zirconium oxide is being used more consistently as the material of choice for bone related reconstruction, particularly hip prosthesis. This growing trend has led to substantial clinical reports which confirm the high biocompatibility and quality of zirconium oxide, making it an attractive component for use as dental implants. Not only does Zirconium Oxide overcome most of the pitfalls of other dental implant products (such as Titanium), but patients now have a choice of a material that is esthetic, strong, pure, corrosion-free, biocompatible and capable of being used for all dental implant and appliance applications.


The immune system will typically respond to non-compatible dental materials as if they were infections or ‘invaders’ by initiating a cascade of reactions geared toward eliminating that ‘invader’. A good analogy to this would be how your body reacts to a cold or flu by elevating levels of lymphocytes and activating the immune system, a reaction that eventually rids the body of the cold or flu. The difference is that with dental toxicity the source of the problem is permanently imbedded in the mouth, and therefore there is no way for the ‘infection’ to be eliminated by the immune system.

Using only quality biocompatible materials that are proven to have very low adverse allergic reactions and present no negative responses from the immune system is highly important for the health of our patients. It is also the reason that biological, natural and holistic dental practices strive to use only materials that are as neutral as possible. Zirconium is a very strong, inert material with very low allergic potential and therefore a higher biocompatibility than other materials used as dental implants.


Considering that every person’s body and physiology is unique, some individuals will be more compatible than others with certain types of materials used in dental treatments and procedures. But ultimately, a biocompatible material will not cause:

  • allergic reaction
  • irritation
  • inflammation
  • foreign body response (rejection)
  • cancer and other autoimmune disorders

An all-ceramic dental crown over an all-ceramic dental implant looks and functions very much like the missing tooth did. Ceramic implants provide metal-free tooth replacement solutions, eliminating concerns of allergies and biocompatibility issues thereby lessening concerns for damage to the immune system. Zirconium Oxide provides safe, holistic results that are comfortable, natural in appearance and biocompatible:

  • Zirconia implant is the holistic dental implant for absolute metal-free dentistry
  • The white color of Zirconium far surpasses the metallic appearance of Titanium
  • Ceramic implants and crowns retain less plaque and calculus than Titanium and therefore promote healthier gums and mouth

Our objective is to make as many biocompatible options available to our patients as possible and it is important to us to achieve the highest level of biocompatibility, particularly in cases where patients have compromised immune systems. Whenever considering a dental restoration we strongly suggest that extensive biocompatibility and metal allergy testing be done beforehand to ensure the best results.