The Aesthetics Of Ceramic Dental Implants

by | Jan 29, 2012


With the alarming number of Americans who suffer some form tooth loss every year, ceramic dental implants represent the most important and aesthetically pleasing option available today for tooth replacement. We find that the newest form of ceramic implants is comfortable for our patients, and due to their all-white color they are highly attractive in appearance. Dental implants are a sensible alternative to bridges, partials or dentures and most importantly; ceramic dental implants look and feel like natural teeth, so much so that you might forget that you ever lost a tooth.


A dental implant is created from a high performance material called zirconium oxide that is inserted into the jaw bone to act like a natural tooth-root. Due to its nonmetallic construction the ceramic dental implant does not interfere with the body’s immune or meridian systems and therefore does not create a potential for rejection. Once anchored into the jaw, the implant integrates directly into the bone to give firm support to the artificial replacement that it is built to hold.


When it comes to options for tooth replacement patients are increasingly choosing dental implants over more conventional dental prostheses. Not only does and implant sit securely in the jaw and look like natural teeth, they also offer superior durability and outstanding aesthetics. Implants of a variety of materials have been used successfully for about 40 years and the latest generation of ceramic implant systems made of zirconium oxide takes the science of dental implants to the next level. Ceramic implants also present almost no danger of corrosion, something that is often a serious problem with metal based dental implants.

With a ceramic dental implant it is possible for patients to enjoy the most natural form of firmly anchored teeth, without having to resort to the inconvenience and embarrassment of dentures. In addition, the ceramic implant creates a beautiful restoration that is extremely stable and strong, able to withstand even the most intense chewing demands.

The material known as zirconium oxide comes from the mineral zircon, which possesses all the advantages that earlier forms of ceramics had to offer, plus it is able to sustain an extreme load capacity, features a very long service life, and presents no conductivity or interference in the body’s meridian systems. We value it for its striking resemblance to natural teeth which offers an aesthetically perfect final result for our patients.


  • naturally replace the missing teeth without affecting/grinding the surrounding teeth
  • no electrical currents between the titanium implant and the crown on the implant
  • there is no ion release to your mouth and body
  • no corrosion of the implant
  • looks and feel like natural teeth
  • increases self-confidence when eating, talking and smiling
  • no gooey denture adhesives or embarrassing loose dentures
  • improves speech
  • perfect comfort and fit

Ultimately, not worrying about your dentures falling out of your mouth when you are speaking or eating offers a freedom that simply makes sense. The more naturally stable foundation offered by a dental implant certainly improves biting pressure, making it possible to enjoy the foods that you probably would not be able to using a dental prosthetic. With improved chewing ability you are also likely to have a better diet and therefore improved overall healthfulness.

A ceramic dental implant restoration is now more convenient and clearly a healthier alternative to metal implants. To learn more about ceramic dental implants and other services we offer, or to schedule an evaluation give us a call at 301-588-0768 or Request an Implant Evaluation by Clicking Here.