Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

Dental ozone therapy is a tool Dr. Sammy Noumbissi uses in our quest to help you discover optimal health. Our integrative care focuses on the result, aligning systems in your body to optimize health and wellness. Our expertise and scientific research guide us. As a result, we provide patients with the facts about each procedure we offer and allow them to make the informed choice that is best for their health.

The dental community has used ozone therapy to accelerate the human body’s natural healing process. The use of ozone therapy has been studied thoroughly and found to be very safe and natural. Best of all, there are minimal side results, especially when compared to antibiotics.

What Is Ozone Therapy?

We pride ourselves at Miles for Smiles Implant Dentistry in offering the most current dentistry. Dr. Sammy continues to grow and develop our treatments and services by introducing Ozone therapy. After much research, the team has decided that Ozone therapy in dentistry needs to be something we offer. It has many health benefits for your mouth and teeth, and we think you will love it.

Ozone therapy in dentistry uses a gas applied directly to the teeth and gums, combining powerful sterilizing properties and antibacterial functions. It works in many ways, such as:

  • Removes any bacteria within the mouth
  • Builds teeth strength
  • Stops cavities growing
  • Speeds up remineralization

Ozone therapy in dentistry has gained popularity across the US in recent years. It is still a new service, but our Miles Of Smiles Implant Dentistry team can see the advantages already. It is a procedure that we believe will continue to gain traction and become standard practice, alongside regular checkups. Our team is always happy to help, and happy mouths make for pleased dentists.

How Does Ozone Dental Therapy Work?

Ozone dental therapy disinfects and prevents common dental issues by administering ozone gas. The negative charge of ozone is naturally attracted to sites of inflammation and infection. When a cavity is exposed to dental ozone gas, it will kill the bacteria surrounding the tooth and alters the environment, so the bacteria cannot flourish. Bacteria that are abundant in your mouth thrive on bacteria and acidity. Ozone neutralizes oral acidity, changing pH levels, eradicating damaging oral bacteria, and leading to a healthier mouth and teeth.

Ozone dental therapy is an efficient, natural way to reduce infection, inflammation, and preventative treatment to help a patient avoid needing a root canal treatment.

Benefits of Ozone Dental Therapy Treatment

Traditional dental treatments will continue treating oral problems like those listed above. Still, as with all medicine, advancements offer us unique ways to provide dentistry. Dr. Sammy offers Ozone therapy in dentistry as one of these advancements. There are a wide range of advantages to utilizing ozone therapy, and the following are just a few;

Safe – Dental ozone therapy is when three modules of oxygen combine, creating an antibacterial and sterilizing gas., which is perfectly safe for dentistry.
Effective – Disinfectant properties are highly effective at treating infection and eliminating bacteria.
Speeds Healing – Ozone therapy stimulates the body’s recovery processes, enhancing the recovery by increasing blood oxygenation and circulation.
Non-invasive – Ozone gas used in dentistry is natural and pain-free, making dental treatments more pleasant and comfortable, especially for those anxious about visiting us.

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