Advanced Dental Technology

Advanced Dental Technology

Miles of Smiles Implant Dentistry: Sammy Noumbissi, DDS, utilizes the most advanced dental technology for patients in Silver Springs, Columbia, Baltimore, and throughout Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia. Being the first practice in the eastern United States to acquire a CBCT, Dr. Sammy Noumbissi is highly trained in advanced technology and dental treatments. With the use of this technology, Dr. Sammy Noumbissi successfully places zirconia dental implants in patients from all around Maryland, Washington DC, and Virginia.

Types of Dental Technology

Cone Beam CT Scan

CBCT by Prexion, 3D imaging for accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Having been using CBCT since 2007, Miles of Smiles Implant Dentistry was the first practice in the eastern US to acquire one. Dr. Sammy Noumbissi is the first generation of dental implantologists to be trained with a CBCT.

The Cone Beam CT has some similarities with conventional X-rays and the standard CT scans you would typically get in a hospital setting. However, dental technology and diagnostic precision are a quantum leap forward. The dentist allows the visualization of intricate structures inside the mouth, such as root canals, nerves, and sinuses. For the patient, we can reduce the need for invasive procedures, shorten treatment time and offer the chance for a better outcome. Learn More…

Intra-Oral Scanner

Miles of Smile Implant Dental utilizes the Intra-Oral Scanner (IOS) by Three Shape Trios (known as 3shape) as well as the WOW Intra-Oral Scanner by Biotech dental, the smallest and most comfortable IOS system available on the market today. Our dental practice has been a digital practice since 2007. Our office takes a green approach to both business and practice with no paper charts while minimizing our carbon footprint within digital dentistry.

Ultrasonic Surgery

Ultrasonic Surgery, also known as Piezosurgery provides patients with minimal pain, swelling, and fast healing.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is a natural treatment for extraction sockets, infected teeth, and implants. Ozone dental therapy is a treatment that significantly reduces the presence of oral bacteria. This treatment is a minimally invasive alternative that wards off the advance of developing tooth decay. Dental ozone therapy eradicates the damaging bacteria that break down teeth’s enamel, leading to deterioration by altering the oral environment. Learn More…

PRF Blood concentrate Technology

Dr. Sammy Noumbissi uses PRF Blood concentrate technology for accelerated and minimal inflammatory healing of gums and bone. Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) has been used in regenerative medicine and dentistry for years. Also, PRF has reported significant benefits because it enhances osteoprogenitor cells in the host bone and graft. The PRF protocol in oral and dental maxillofacial surgery was introduced to improve bone healing in implant dentistry and its application in numerous disciplines of dentistry. Learn More..

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