Can I Get Dental Implants With Bone Loss?

Can I Get Dental Implants With Bone Loss?

Have you given up on getting dental implants because of bone loss in your jaw? We can assure you that all hope is not lost. Several options exist for patients in the greater Washington DC area who have experienced bone loss in their jaw due to missing teeth or gum disease.

Causes of Jaw Bone Loss

To properly place and secure a dental implant, there needs to be sufficient bone structure beneath the missing tooth. Sufficient bone is essential because implants are anchored into the jaw with a metal fixture resembling a small screw. For Dr. Sammy Noumbissi, our dental implant surgeon to insert the screw, there must be enough bone to hold it in place, and the bone must be strong enough for the dental implant to remain secure. During your initial consultation at Miles of Smiles Implant Dentistry, Dr. Noumbissi will perform a dental exam as well as a CBCT scan to advise on any bone loss and develop the best course of treatment.

Missing Teeth

Missing teeth can be a cause of bone loss in the jaw. When our teeth are intact, the root of the tooth and the use of the teeth to chew stimulate the jaw bone. The body reacts by preserving the bone, sending nutrients, and maintaining the tissue.

When teeth are lost (or even occasionally when teeth are misaligned), so is that stimulation. Unfortunately, the body fails to recognize the need for this maintenance, and the bone tissue begins to atrophy. This atrophy can be a negative cycle, as the weakened bone structure can cause nearby teeth to become loose and eventually be lost. Dentures and dental bridges address the missing teeth but do not alleviate these concerns, as well as dental implants, as they do not reach into the jaw and stimulate the bone. Schedule a consultation at Miles of Smiles Implant Dentistry to discuss treatment options for missing teeth with our dental implant surgeon, Dr. Sammy Noumbissi.

Gum Disease

Bacteria and infection in the gum tissue surrounding the jaw bone cause gum disease. If this becomes severe enough, the bacteria can also attack the bone and wear away that tissue. Gum disease can have a long list of adverse health consequences. If you think you may have gingivitis or more severe gum disease, seek treatment immediately.

Dental Implants with Bone Loss

Bone loss may make it more difficult to place dental implants, but that does not necessarily mean it is impossible. Luckily, modern dentistry has progressed a long way, and dental implants are often possible for many patients in the greater Washington DC area, even with bone loss. With a sole focus on dental implants, Dr. Sammy Noumbissi has successfully placed over 5000 dental implants including implants with bone loss.

Bone graft

A bone graft is a dental procedure that takes donor bone tissue (either from your bone or a human or animal donor) and affixes it to the treatment area. This bone alone does not replace your lost bone but supports your body to heal and create its own stronger bone tissue.

This process takes some time. After Dr. Noumbissi completes the bone grafting procedure, your body will need time to heal and generate stronger bone over several months before he can place an implant. The good news is that bone grafts have a very high success rate and can be an excellent option for those seeking dental implants in the greater Washington DC area, including Arlington and Fairfax, VA.

Schedule a Consult at Miles Of Smiles Implant Dentistry

You may qualify for one of these treatment options, even if you have significant bone loss. Schedule a consultation at (301) 588-0768 with our implant surgeon, Dr. Noumbissi to discuss what dental implant or other tooth replacement options you may have. With a sole focus on dental implant surgery, we treat patients throughout the greater Washington DC areas such as Silver Spring, CHevy Chase, Takoma Park, MD as well as Fairfax and Arlington, VA.

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