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Emergency Information

If you are an emergency case requiring immediate attention, please call 911 or our office at (240) 417-4237. We will give you instructions and directions.

What Can I Expect At An Appointment?

First and foremost, we only place dental implants, and we know our craft very, very well. Dr. Noumbissi is a regular keynote speaker at dental conventions and seminars around the world, teaching about the proper technique and applications for dental implants and more specifically, ceramic dental implants. He brings that same penchant for education to his practice, where he ensures that you understand what is going on at all phases of your procedure, which helps reduce stress and eliminate fear.

Do You Have Imaging (X-Rays, Ultrasonography, CT-Scan) Facilities?

Yes. Ordinary x-rays, panoramic mouth views, ultrasonography , endoscopy, CT-scan, bone mass density scanner or laser imager ( digital developer ) can be performed on location.

Do You Examine Children At Your Clinic?

Yes. A Pediatrician is immediately available if needed.

What If I Need Anesthetic?

We offer this as well.

What Happens If I Need A Prescription?

We may prescribe for example analgesia treatment for your condition. Please let us know in case you have any allergy or other medical condition.

If you have already been taking drugs prescribed by your home doctor, please bring them with you for clarification or possible drug interactions and correlations with the new condition.

Insurance & Billing – Do You Accept My Insurance?

If you don’t have dental insurance, or if you have no insurance coverage then you will be expected to pay the bill in cash or credit card at the end of consultation. We offer payment plans and financing available.

Do You Have Parking Facilities?

Yes. Free Parking is available in front of our office.

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