Allergy Testing – An Important Part Of The Whole

Allergy Testing – An Important Part Of The Whole


Our innovative approach to dental care focuses on the health and wellness of the mouth in relation to the whole body, including identifying and treating issues pertaining to allergies and autoimmune disorders. In addition to providing allergy testing, we are able to recommend a variety of natural and herbal products that can help support the immune system – helping to bring our patients to a greater state of overall wellness. Knowing what can cause an allergic reaction in our patients sets us apart from practices used in traditional dentistry.


Dealing with itchy, swollen eyes combined with a persistent runny nose is something we commonly associate with a case of seasonal allergies, but for many people these symptoms and more also follow each time they visit the dentist. Allergic reactions in the dental office can be caused by normally innocuous materials or medications.

Allergic reactions to materials may include:

• Itchy, swollen eyes

• Runny nose

• Sneezing

• Asthma

• Hives

Masks, gloves and syringes in the dental office are typically made of latex; a natural rubber harvested from trees. For some people, prolonged exposure to latex dust from powered gloves is enough to trigger an allergic reaction. In addition, a small number of patients may also experience allergic reactions to local anesthetics used to numb the mouth and gums during dental procedure, but the materials used for fillings and repairs can be of even greater concern for patients with immune disorders or allergy issues.


Latex and local anesthetics are not the only materials that can stir up an allergic reaction, reactions can occur from many other chemicals and materials found in some dental materials or medications. Reactions to various metals or amalgams used in traditional dentistry can start out as an allergic reaction, which over time can create serious toxic effects on the body. Today we are finding an increasing amount of individuals that are allergic to and occasionally rejecting titanium dental implants, as well as being sensitive to the crowns that are placed over the implants. In addition to metals used in fillings and bridges, it is important to be aware that all dentists use a wide assortment of cements, anesthetics, bonding materials, temporary appliances, denture materials and more – and every one of these substances can potentially cause a negative reaction once placed in the sensitive environment of the mouth.

Fortunately for our patients, holistic dentists are constantly alert to the potential for compatibility issues with the materials used in our practices. We work hard to make sure that our patients are able to tolerate any substance introduced into the mouth.


Where allergies to latex and some medications present a fairly temporary exposure, allergies from devices or materials set permanently into the mouth present a larger issue for sensitive patients. There simply is not any one combination of materials that are compatible for every person since every patient presents their own unique physiology. However, there are some materials that are recognized as better tolerated by more people than other materials. For example with regards to dental implants instead of titanium, we are  providing ceramic dental implants which are made of zirconia. People with weakened immune systems have a particularly difficult time finding substances that can be tolerated, but fortunately there are ways to test everyone for compatibility.

The most common types of tests used by holistic dental offices include:

• Clifford Materials Blood Test

• Electro-dermal Screening (EAV)

• Applied Kinesiology

A blood test will offer results that are based on true allergens. Specifically the Clifford Materials Test is a blood test that will determine if a blood serum sample will react to known dental materials. Although this test can provide valuable information about existing allergies, results may not be as comprehensive when it comes to testing for materials the patient has not yet been exposed to.

Applied kinesiology is based upon the activity of muscles and the relationship of muscle strength to health. This test is based on bio-feedback and will give strictly ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. Using applied kinesiology we are able to test both commonly used items and items that a person has never been exposed to, and by using the body’s biofeedback abilities, identify those items that weaken the individual.

Electro-dermal screening is performed by using a machine that tests dental materials according to their compatibility with the patient’s acupuncture meridian system. This test will allow us to determine more than just what materials are compatible, but which materials appear to be optimal for a particular patient. As with muscle testing, we can determine reactions to substances and elements the patient has never previously been exposed to.


Unfortunately many people don’t realize that the substances and materials mainstream dentists use, but do not test for compatibility, may be causing some serious health issues in their patients. Many long-term problems can start out as something as innocuous as an allergic reaction at the time of placement. To compound the problem, there is much evidence pointing to a correlation between allergies and autoimmune disorders. In other words, if the source of the allergy is not pinpointed and avoided, then potentially the resulting reaction could manifest itself as an autoimmune disorder.

While allergies to latex and anesthesia might commonly prevent allergy prone patients from visiting the dentist, holistic dentists are unique in that we have the ability to prevent issues before they start. Once evaluated for compatibility patients are much more likely to have good results, and so much less likely to experience an allergic reasons. Patients can also do their part by completing the medical history form in detail, outlining known allergies and past reactions to specific materials and drugs. Together we will make sure your dental experience is safe, healthy and as pain-free as possible.

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